Why should you advertise on the City Savings Card in 2018?

That’s easy, just look at some of the benefits!

  • Full Color including your logo
  • Exclusivityonly 1 to 3 opportunities per category and you can have them all if you choose
  • Captive Audience – these cards will be sold as Fundraisers and given to Local Heroes in appreciation of their service to our Community
  • This is an active 12 Month progressive promotion
  • You will Gain a NEW customer base
  • Guaranteed distribution
  • Built in tracking system-a unique and patented format
  • Highest redemption rates in Industry averages 25%

 Your guaranteed market will be 100,000 Greater Des Moines Residents including:

  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Military Service Men and Women
  • Fire Fighters
  • Police

So inexpensive- you can’t afford not to try us out:

  • Everyday for 12 months up to 100,000 card holders will see your ad.
  • So lets do the math…if only 1% of those people take advantage of your offer you will have 1000 new customers in the next 12 months and we average 25%
  • Or you can give your competition the chance.

The best part of advertising on the City Savings Card is:

For the 1st time ever we are going to be able to donate over 75,000 fundraising cards to Schools, Clubs and Sports Organizations in Greater Des Moines area empowering them to raise $1,500.000.00 because they will keep 100% of the profit.

The other 25,000 cards will be donated free to our local heroes in appreciation for their incredible service to our Community.