The Card

Here is an example of the card and its exclusive ad spaces. Reserve Your Category today and get exclusive rights!

You Control Redemption

The Patented design of the City Savings Card that we are using for the Local Hero Project utilizes a special process that allows each coupon to be removed just like a stamp! There are two huge benefits to this utilizing this incredible feature which are Control and Tracking.

Let’s talk about Control… The advantage of this type of advertising is you decide how many times you want the promotion to be redeemed by a single end user during the 12 months the Card is active. If you want to limit them to a single one time use, simply remove the coupon from the card, however, if the promotion is working well and you want to allow more redemptions leave it on the card. All Companies have a cost per customer average and being able to limit or expand the reach of any promotion is key to controlling that.



Probably the single largest benefit of this type of collective advertising platforms is being the sole representative of your chosen field of Service for as long as you are with us. This card product is live for (12) months and during that time the card holders keeps it above the visor of their vehicle, in a purse or on the refrigerator will be constantly reminded that your company is sponsoring a fantastic promotion just for them! The next time you pick up a Newspaper or any print ad take notice of how many competitors you have.

How do you average up to a 25% redemption rate? It’s easy, they see your message for 12 months

Guaranteed Distribution Channels

In most promotions involving print advertising you get a very scattered and sketchy idea of coverage, meaning who actually sees your ad and can they reasonably afford your product and/or service? Sure the Newspaper gets delivered to a lot of places, but how many get picked up and read? How many people happen to see your ad and of those how many are ready to buy at that same time?

With the City Savings Card we address all of these issues.

  • The cards are either sold as a fundraiser or hand delivered to the Offices where the Local heroes work.
  • Since the Cards have a (12) month promotional period it’s ok if they are not ready to buy what your selling, but sometime in the next 12 months they will be!
  • These cards are sold as fundraisers or given as Appreciation Gifts and not some simple advertising flyer that people just throw away
  • The collective advertising platform is another reason they hang onto them. They may not be ready for one product or service today, but there are 40 different promos on the card and there is always something they need week after week.
  • Last but not least, it’s a very safe assumption that this particular target market is gainfully employed in a professional career and that always helps when building a solid base of new customer’s right!