The Opportunity

To Introduce your Companies Products and Services to the over 100,000 local Iowa Professionals we respectfully honor with the Local Hero Project and through fundraising channels.


Just a few of the tangible benefits you get with this incredible  12 month  progressive Print Promotion!

  • Full Color Advertising with LOGO
  • Additional exposure on the website that will be visited by thousands of unique users every month! Click here for an Example!
  • Potential Exclusivity-only 1 – 3 advertiser per category
  • Captive Audience –
  • 12 Month Promotion
  • Gain New Customer base
  • Guaranteed Distribution
  • Built in tracking system-a unique and patented format
  • Highest redemption rates in Industry 25%
  • Targeted Demographic
  • Incredible Public Relations Instrument


Who is our guaranteed market? 

  • Military Service Men and Women- all branches
  • Teachers
  • Nurses
  • Fire Fighters
  • Police
  • up to 100,000 local Greater Des Moines residents


Cost effective? YES!

  • Lowest per full color Impression cost in print advertising today
  • As an ADDITIONAL BONUS for signing up now, your offer and thank you message will be displayed to our local heroes on the website!
  • We are offering a “Badge of honor” you can also add to your website to show you’re a proud supporter as well!


Keep the Competition out!

 We only allow 1- 3 advertisers per category and you can reserve the right to represent for as long as you are the contractually active Business! Little to NO COMPETITION!!

There are a total of 40 ad panels and each panel will be reserved by one single advertiser representing that category. We only want the best local businesses for the City Savings Card. If you believe you are the best Company to represent your chosen business category – Click Here

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